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Based in the heart of Ghana, Ambiance by Talata is on a quest to transport you into the world of curated scent stories and wellness experiences inspired by Africa's rich cultural tapestry.

Our commitment to authenticity shines through in every meticulously crafted product, using indigenous ingredients from local artisans. Join us on a journey that celebrates the essence of scents and invites you to embrace the beauty of our culture, right from the comfort of your own space. Ambiance by Talata is more than a brand; it's a heartfelt tribute to our African heritage.

The world of talata

meet the founder

Talata Maldima-Provencal, the visionary force behind Ambiance Scents, is an entrepreneur and multi-disciplinary designer illuminating homegrown African luxury on the global stage. Her 'By Talata' lifestyle brand, launched in 2010, marked the inception of her design ethos—a deep commitment to curating products that captivate the senses and resonate profoundly with emotions.

Ambiance Scents stands as a testament to this ethos, conjuring sensory odysseys through the evocative power of fragrance. With the rich cultural tapestry of Africa as her muse, Talata thoughtfully composes each scented creation to elevate and rejuvenate the soul.

Talata's goal is to champion a movement that celebrates refined African luxury, seamlessly interwoven with a steadfast dedication to uplifting and sustaining indigenous craftsmanship.


our ingredients & brand philosophy

Ambiance by Talata combines the rich, time-honored beauty traditions of Africa with cutting-edge botanical science right from our base in Ghana in the creation of our luxurious body & wellness products. Our curated blends of Shea butter, Baobab oil, and Aloe Vera are ethically sourced and meticulously formulated, offering more than just sensory delight—they're a celebration of Africa's generational wisdom and modern efficacy. Beyond indulgence, our cruelty-free, environmentally friendly products honor ancient African healing rituals while empowering local communities. With Ambiance by Talata, you're not just experiencing luxury, you're embracing a conscientiously crafted lifestyle.Ghana,


the inspiration

Ambiance Scents by Talata takes you on a transformative journey, where each scent evokes memories and emotions. Rooted in African luxury, our collections are a celebration of heritage, resilience, and vision. 

We delve into the essence of Africa, capturing its rich diversity through thoughtfully curated stories and aromas, tracing their roots across Africa's varied landscapes.

Drawing further inspiration from the continent's rich cultural tapestry, each of our aromatic creations serves as a fragrant testament to Africa's vast and varied legacy, inviting you to experience products and into spaces where scents not only comfort but deeply resonate.

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Empowering Communities

a commitment to uplift & sustain

Community is at the core of who we are. Our ethical sourcing practices take us to the heart of Northern Ghana, where we obtain nourishing baobab and shea butter oils that directly support local communities. Each product you purchase empowers local farmers, artisans, and cooperatives by ensuring they receive fair wages for their hard work and unique skills. This allows us to elevate not just beauty, but also the well-being of those who help bring our vision to life. These actions are not merely a nod to tradition; they echo our founder's ancestral ties to the region and reflect our ongoing commitment to uplift and sustain.

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